Kunsthalle Krems
Kunsthalle Krems presents:

Inés Lombardi

Retroprospective 19/07 - 18/10/2015

exhibition view 'INÉS LOMBARDI. Retroprospective', Kunsthalle Krems, 2015, Photo by Oliver Ottenschläger

Perception, representation and temporality are central themes in Inés Lombardi’s work. Born in São Paulo in 1958, she has been based in Vienna since 1980. In complex, intercommunicating series of works, she brings together photography, video, collage and installations, creating – in an interplay of space, object and the viewer – situations that revolve around reflections on the process-like character and contextual dependence of perception as well as the multifaceted nature of presentation and representation forms. mehr

Kunsthalle Krems presents:

Ernesto Neto

19/07 - 01/11/2015

exhibiton view 'ERNESTO NETO', Kunsthalle Krems, 2015, Photo by Christian Redtenbacher

“I am sculpture and think as sculpture,” says internationally acclaimed Brazilian sculptor Ernesto Neto (b. 1964) whose vibrant oeuvre is transforming the Kunsthalle Krems into a sensual and palpable gesamtkunstwerk (total work of art) in summer 2015. mehr