exhibition view RAFFAEL RHEINSBERG. DIE SEELE DER DINGE, Kunstraum Stein 2013, Foto: Christian Redtenbacher

Raffael Rheinsberg. The Soul of Things

18/05/2013 - 02/03/2014

A securer of traces, the German object and installation artist Raffael Rheinsberg (b. 1943) works with memory potentials inscribed in physical materials.

As a sensitive and perceptive observer, he walks through the world, following his own systematics in searching and collecting relics that bear witness to stories and the history of past times. Mostly, it is small, insignificant, overlooked or “abandoned” found things or objects from everyday life or the working sphere that he gives a stage to in his often expansive installations, making them “talk” again. Rheinsberg acts from the conviction that each and everything, however insignificant or non-memorable it may seem, has some storage capacity, or holds memories, and hence has symbolic value. The past is transposed into the now through the sheer presence of the material in these finds, calling on viewers to come up with individual and collective memory constructions. With his aesthetic and methodical approach of finding, rearranging, and consolidating, Rheinsberg enables the invocation of past realities with multiple historical readings. From spring 2013, the area around Krems and Stein will become the territory for Rheinberg’s memory culture project. 

Curator: Hans-Peter Wipplinger