Angelika Loderer

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Angelika Loderer is an emerging artist in the current Austrian art scene and represents one of the most exciting new positions in the field of sculpture. Her sculptural objects attest to an interplay of the momentary and permanence as well as the ambivalent relationship between value, impermanence, and meaning. The Krems exhibition presents new, sculptural and process-based works that relate specifically to the space as well as a selection of works from the past several years.

The concept of sculpture is the focus of Angelika Loderer’s artistic work. It is easy to describe her works as media-reflexive since their creation and final form are often strongly influenced by the properties of the materials themselves and their production processes. Her sculptures are typically made of cast metal or secondary materials from metal foundries, such as special molding sand. In addition to metal sculptures, she also uses the working materials—such as molding sand—as a medium, thus setting up an exciting and paradoxical dialogue between the permanency of one and the fleetingness of the other.

Embedded in and emerging out of the history of modernity, Loderer’s work is also framed by and stands in dialogue with present-day conditions. She creates fragile scenarios, as with her condensed sand sculptures, which make playful use of gravity while also referencing the precarious conditions of our time, where safety and vulnerability are closely interconnected and at best captured in a state of accidental equilibrium.

Making what’s absent visible or focusing the attention on unheeded systems drives Loderer in her search for forms: as in her series Schüttlöcher (2018), in which she makes casts of mole holes or utilizes the shapes of woodpecker holes, or in her work Poems to Gadgets (Icicles) (2018), in which she captures in metal the process of melting ice blocks. In other works, she makes overlooked materials—such as mycelium networks or casting sand—the primary protagonist, giving them visibility and new meaning.

The artist, born in 1984, studied at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, where she lives and works. In 2019 Loderer received the Cardinal König Art Prize.

Curator: Andreas Hoffer

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