Axel Hütte_FurkablickAxel Hütte, Furkablick, Schweiz/Switzerland, 1994 photo: Axel Hütte


The Kunsthalle Krems presents the first-ever comprehensive exhibition of Axel Hütte’s work of photography in Austria. Born 1951 in Essen and today living and working in Düsseldorf, Hütte ranks among the leading protagonists of contemporary landscape photography; since the late 1970s, he has made a substantial contribution to the self-assured standing of photography in visual art. Like his fellow artists from the Düsseldorf School of Photography (Becher School) such as Candida Höfer, Andreas Gursky, or Thomas Struth, Hütte stands for the tableau character of the photographic image as an equivalent counterpart of painting.
Axel Hütte’s artistic work started out in the late 1970s with stark objectification of the reality of portraits as well as urban interiors and exteriors. In the early 1990s, the artist turned to considerably larger picture sizes, with landscape becoming his dominant theme. Unlike his earlier documentary pictures, the more recent large-format works have more of an imaginative and hallucinatory dimension.
What is presented in the exhibition is above all a dialogue between older and more recent series or bodies of work on the same subject areas. Portrait series of sober frontality meet with shimmering figurative pictures that look like landscapes; mountain pictures of the 1990s with recent alpine photos; Venetian cityscapes with present-day shots of La Serenissima. Especially for the Kunsthalle Krems exhibition, a series of photographs of imperial buildings and interiors was made, shot at palaces, castles, monasteries—Melk, Altenburg, St. Florian, Belvedere—in Austria. Completing the show are previously largely unknown video works of the artist.

Curator: Florian Steininger


Axel Hütte

*1951 in Essen, Germany 

Lives and works in Düsseldorf and Berlin, Germany



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Axel Hütte_Belvedere

Axel Hütte, Belvedere 2, Austria, 2016 photo: Axel Hütte

Axel Hütte_portrait#22

Axel Hütte, Portrait#22, 2006 photo: Axel Hütte





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