Once a tobacco factory, now an exhibition gallery. In a 1 to 3-hour age-appropriate tour, curious pupils can gain new perspectives and insight on the Kunsthalle Krems and its current exhibitions. All exhibitions can be enjoyed in German, English or French.

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Programms for schools 

Ticket to the Moon

The moon is high in the sky 2019 at the Kunstmeile Krems! In the exhibition of the Kunsthalle Krems Ticket to the Moon students can approach the Moon - a symbol of human dreams, yearnings and speculation - through different artistic positions. In the studio, they become creative themselves.

Tour 60 / 90 Min.
Workshop 180 Min.
Recommended for all school levels
Meeting point Foyer Kunsthalle Krems
Costs Guided tour fee € 55 / Workshop fee € 125 per group (1–21 people), plus entre fee € 0,50 per pupil

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The moon has always been a place for yearnings and dreams. Much has been researched meanwhile, yet the moon still surrounds a very special, often mystical aura. Even today, a wide variety of artists deal with the moon in their works. At the Kunsthalle Krems the students get to know some of these contemporary works of art and learn more about the moon landing 50 years ago.
During the 90-minute tour, the students artistically realize their own ideas and visions in the studio of the Kunstmeile Krems after the exhibition visit.

Guided tour 60 / 90 Min
Recommended for secondary school



Adventure Museum! My first museum visit

Kindergarten and elementary school children experience the museum as an exciting journey into the world of art. In the exhibition Ticket to the moon they travel through time and experience how Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are the first people to enter the moon. Playfully and with all their senses, the children explore the artworks and learn interesting facts about the moon.
During the 90-minute tour, the children do not only visit the exhibition, but afterwards become creative themselves in the studio of the Kunstmeile Krems. They create their own galaxies in a glass, which can be taken home afterwards.

Guided tour 60 / 90 Min.
Recommended for preschool, primary school


Journey to the moon | Proof of my personal moon landing

After the first landing on the moon, there were repeated claims that all was just a staging of the Americans and did not happen - Fake News? Today, it is proven from various studies: 50 years ago, Neil and Buzz were really the first humans on the moon. During the exhibition tour students will follow this historical event on TV, find out more about astronauts and the moon missions, but also discover artworks that imply a different story.
After the tour through the exhibition, students will work on their own personal moon story in the studio of the Kunstmeile Krems. In small groups they create stop motion films and it's all about staging the personal journey to the moon!

Workshop 180 Min.
Recommended for secondary school


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