Hans Kupelwieser

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A two-part exhibition at Kunsthalle Krems and Dominikanerkirche Krems

Hans Kupelwieser is an important Austrian sculptor, graphic designer, and media artist. He is one of the most important multimedia artists of his generation. His works range from photograms and sculptures to large-scale, room-sized installations. In 2008, Hans Kupelwieser was awarded the Lower Austrian Culture Prize. He lives and works in Vienna.

An important characteristic of his work is the wide variety of materials it employs. Paper, metal, plastic, concrete, rubber, or glass are used for specific projects.

For Kunsthalle Krems, Kupelwieser is developing an expansive installation inside the Dominikanerkirche Krems. A large wooden sculpture located on the floor of the central nave will reflect the cross-rib construction of the ceiling overhead. The medieval building elements will be transformed into a physically accessible work of art, bringing to life for viewers the historical architecture of the church. For the choir, he envisions large plexiglass stelae with magnifying glasses in the center that will make the space and changing light conditions perceptible.

In the Kunsthalle Krems skylight hall, Kupelwieser will focus on his series of photograms. Kupelwieser has worked with this technique since the early 1980s, in which he merges together everyday objects with photo paper.

Curator: Andreas Hoffer

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