The Kunsthalle Krems is the international exhibition center for modern and contemporary art in Lower Austria. Its program features art after 1945 with a special focus on contemporary art.

The Kunsthalle Krems offers both established and emerging young artists from Austria and abroad a platform to present innovative, cross-media, socially topical and art-specific contributions. These presentations in the form of extensive thematic and solo exhibitions are complemented by exhibitions from private collections of modern and contemporary art. The medial orientation ranges from classical disciplines such as painting, drawing, and sculpture to photography, video, film, and performance, as well as installation and other conceptual and new-media disciplines.

Through its annual collaboration with the Donaufestival, the Kunsthalle Krems emphasizes its interdisciplinary and progressive orientation.

In summer the Kunsthalle Krems has access to the Dominican Church as an additional exhibition venue. This means that the Kunstmeile Krems will extend from the Steiner Tor to the Kremser Tor along Steiner Landstrasse. The focus is on spatial projects in a Gothic sacral architecture setting.

Florian Steininger, Art Director

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