Fiona Tan. With the other Hand

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In Fiona Tan’s artistic work, memory, time, and history are crucial factors that she explores in particular through installations of photography, film, and video. The artist, who was born in Indonesia and now lives in Amsterdam, is regarded as a leading figure in an artistic genre based on research, documentation, and archival work and characterized by a scholarly approach. Art is thus seen as a production area of reflection, analysis, and concept. Social themes in which both the individual and the collective are addressed play a key role in Tan’s work.

The exhibition in the Kunsthalle Krems is a mid-career retrospective, tracing the large arc of Tan’s artistic work. Utopian and dystopian places as well as archives are the thematic focal points of the exhibition, which is presented in the form of photographic works and video installations.

Among the most current works in the exhibition is Archive (2019), a fictitious digital animation of an archive, in a circular architectural design, based on Paul Otlet’s idea of a utopian type of urban planning that consists of a cataloging system of all the knowledge of mankind. In the film Elsewhere (2018), the artist describes a utopian place that is superimposed acoustically over the film shots of the city of Los Angeles.

The exhibition is presented in cooperation with the Museum der Moderne Salzburg, which shows Fiona Tan’s works from October 31, 2020, to May 02, 2021.

Curator: Nina Schedlmayer

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