Margot Pilz. Selbstauslöserin

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Margot Pilz, born in 1936 in Haarlem (Netherlands) and living in Austria since 1954, is one of the most important feminist artists internationally since the 1980s. A pioneer of media art, she works conceptually and experimentally in the fields of photography, video, digital sculpture, performance, and installation. In the 1970s, Pilz worked as a photographer and was involved in the women’s movement. Her arrest and degrading treatment by police at the Third Women’s Festival in Vienna in 1978 motivated her to become an artist. Her main areas of thematic focus – the individual in relation to society, the position of women, and purely existential questions – run like common threads throughout a body of work spanning over forty years.

Her innovative media-based artworks from the early 1990s reveal the curious and experimental nature of Pilz’s way of working with the then new media. She was one of the first to extensively investigate the possibilities for using computers in artistic work.

In the main hall, the artist will show an installation based on her concept Kaorle on Karlsplatz from Wiener Festwochen in 1982. At that time, Pilz installed a beach with a palm tree around the water basin in front of the Karlskirche. For Krems, a sobering new version is being realized from an awareness of nature’s destruction: an indoor island with a beach and a palm tree, littered with micro-waste and plastic garbage.

In recent years, Margot Pilz has dealt artistically with her aging, the relentless process of bodily changes and thus how we negotiate these concerns. The works are immensely powerful, do not bemoan or gloss over any aspects, and attest to her great curiosity and unabated artistic élan.

Curator: Andreas Hoffer

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