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Matter of Place

The Kunsthalle Krems is dedicating the British artist Thomas J Price (b. 1981 in London) the first exhibition in Europe outside his home country.

Multidisciplinary artist Thomas J Price (b. 1981, London) confronts preconceived attitudes towards representation and identity, foregrounding the intrinsic value of the individual and subverting structures of hierarchy. Celebrated for his large-scale figurative sculptures, Price draws our attention to the psychological embodiment of his fictional characters, highlighting nuanced understandings of social signifiers and predetermined value. Amalgamated from multiple sources, the works are developed through a hybrid approach of traditional sculpting and intuitive digital technology. Price balances methods of presentation, material and scale to challenge our expectations and provide cues for deeper human connection. Across over 20 years of artistic practice, Price encompasses historic constructs with a newness that at first glance can go unnoticed, but that live in the public realm as silent totems for change.

The exhibition is a cooperation with Kunsthal Rotterdam and Arnolfini Bristol, where it will be on show from October, 5, 2024 to February, 9, 2025 resp. March, 8 to June, 1, 2025 under the same title.

Curator: Florian Steininger

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