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Patricia Piccinini. Embracing the Future

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Patricia Piccinini’s sculptural world is that of cloned existences and cyborgs – mutants of human, animal, and machine. In their actions they take on empathetic traits; they radiate warmth, intimacy, and compassion. At the same time, these beings convey a creaturely uneasiness. Cutely adorable expression blends with horror. The Sierra Leone-born artist is concerned with the multiple relationships between the organic and the technological. Animal-human creatures mutate into motorcycles and cars in fluid, flowing forms as hybrid amalgamates with polished, glossy surfaces.

The exhibition in Krems represents a retrospective cross-section of Piccinini’s artistic oeuvre. The first large-scale presentation of the artist’s works in Austria shows sculptures, installations, collages, and video projects from nearly two decades, including The Bond (2016), showing a hyperrealistic female figure lovingly holding a hybrid creature in her hands, their heads nestled together; and Kindred (2018), a sculpture of two babies clinging to their mother – half-ape, half-human.

The exhibition is presented in cooperation with the Institute for Cultural Exchange in Tübingen. In addition to Krems, it will also be shown in other international exhibition halls such as the ARKEN Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen.

Due to the measures to contain Covid-19, the exhibition was postponed from 2020 to 2021.

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